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"Quickleen is non-toxic but very powerful and versatile. It's one of my favourites"
Stephanie Zia - UK Guardian Cleaning Expert

BBQ Cleaning
Non-toxic Quickleen-S cleans your entire BBQ inside and out

Quickleen-S is non-toxic

Quickleen-S is the perfect nemesis to tough dirt, grease & grime that builds up inside and around your BBQ

BBQ cleaning with Quickleen-S

Quickleen-S is NON-TOXIC, degreases, removes rust and shines all in one easy 'wipe on, wipe off' action. The powerful grease detaching formula lifts grime from the surface allowing the natural silica to absorb it and deposit it on the cloth. ONE PRODUCT TO CLEAN YOUR ENTIRE BBQ Quickleen-S review for cleaning BBQs

  • Lifts & absorbs grease & grime
  • The natural mildly abrasive silica scrubs through build up without scratching
  • Can be used before or after cooking
  • Removes all biofilms providing a healthier cooking surface free of germs & allergy causing pathogens

The combination of Quickleen's ability to remove hard water salts, scale, rust and general corrosion together with is its ability to absorb and remove fats and grease sets it apart from other products and allows just one product it to tackle your entire BBQ.

An effective, quick & convenient way to clean your BBQ anytime.

Quickleen-S is not just great for your BBQ but is just as effective for oven cleaning, hob cleaning, bathroom cleaning (glass, tiles, ceramics & stainless steel cleaning), kitchen cleaning, boat cleaning, basically just about any hard surface that needs cleaning.

BBQ Cleaning with Quickleen-S
"I have had a bbq for a couple of years but never cleaned it. In the past I have had to use foaming cleaners that you hose off which is messy. With Quickleen-S I only needed two rags. One damp one to apply the product and once worked in, a clean one to wipe off. It works just like polishing your car. 

This product is also non toxic, uses no harsh phosphorus, is biodegradable and very easy to use. I will be recommending this to family also and letting them see how great this product is".
Independent Review by Aaron of Hamilton, 1 Dec 2014

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See Quickleen-S in Action

Video: BBQ cleaning with Quickleen-S

Quickleen-S cleans your entire BBQ and is non-toxic