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"We find quickleen very handy to have in the kit as it has such a wide range of uses both in and outside the boat, its especially good on the more stubborn rust stains on the gel coat and barbeque" Rod Hill - Hill Boat Valet Services, Auckland

Boat Cleaning
Non-toxic Quickleen-S cleans all surfaces on your boat

Yacht, home and carpet

Reviewer: Dennis from Tairua, Waikato New Zealand, May 23, 2015
"I have used this product on all the above and it proved to be better than any other products I have tried. Have recommended it to others already and boat owners in the Tairua marina want me to show them how good this product is. The 500g pack will last a long time as only a little removes a lot."

gelcoat cleaning

Rod Hill of Hill Boat Valet Service, Auckland wrote:

Antifoul dust on gelcoat

We find quickleen very handy to have in the kit as it has such a wide range of uses both in and outside the boat, its especially good on the more stubborn rust stains on the gel coat and barbeque which tend to be left outside and neglected a lot. We use it on the decks to scrub them, particularly around the harbour bridge as a lot of road film comes off the bridge and carries over the boats in the marina, stubborn rust stains in the gel coat, tenders and fenders, bathrooms and kitchens. The fact that it isn't toxic etc you can try it on different things with out too much worry about reacting or causing more issues.

We had a case a couple of christmas' ago where one of our regular customers was ready to go away on boxing day, his boat had been up on the hard for a couple of days getting antifouled etc the week before, some how his boat was covered in what we later decided was antifouling dust....... he had tried every thing from bilge cleaner, degreaser, jiff and nothing was moving it as a last resort he rung us up for any advice, quickleen did the job and got it all cleaned off after a bit of effort. Just to show you how bad it was I attached a photo, the whole deck was covered like this.

Quickleen-S is non-toxic
My own boat had blue anti-fouling paint on the white gelcoat, left by the spinnaker lines thrashing the deck after being caught beneath the hull during its crossing from Belise to New Zealand. I tried numerous products to clean those annoying streaks, including some very toxic "guaranteed to work" concoctions without success.

I was given a sample of Quickleen-S to try which to my amazement removed the marks from the deck in seconds, without effort. I then proceeded to try it on all rust, stainless steel, stains on the gelcoat, rubber scuffs made by buckets and shoes, the bbq, windows, the toilet bowl, bathroom, kitchen, interiors and general mould and mildew; it cleaned the lot!

I have yet to find anything onboard that can't be cleaned with it.It was this incredible trial that convinced me to import Quickleen-S into New Zealand, to make this powerful, non-toxic cleaner accessible to the kiwi boating community.Boat cleaning with Quickleen-S

The speed and effectiveness of its powerful formula makes Quickleen-S the unbeatable all purpose cleaner of choice for your boat.

stainless steel cleaning

Applications include stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, tiles, vinyl, plastic, ceramics and almost any other surface or cleaning requirement you can throw at it. A single bucket of Quickleen-S replaces a multitude of cleaning products and does a better job.

Compared to other stainless steel cleaner or metal cleaners, Quickleen-S offers additional features and benefits. It received an independent review rating as being the most convenient, effective, easy-to-use, non-odourous, cost-effective and non-toxic cleaning product on the market today. Most importantly, Quickleen-S is safe to use and highly effective. Quickleen-S removes rust and watermarks from stainless steel, leaving behind a protective anti- corrosion layer, reducing future cleaning and making it easier.

For more information about cleaning stainless steel with Quickleen-S click here.

general boat cleaning

Quickleen-S is many times more powerful than other well-known multi purpose cleaners, yet it is harmless and surprisingly contains no phosphorous, requires no gloves, is safe to touch & gives off no noxious fumes.

The wipe-on, wipe-off formula means that Quickleen-S is also an extremely easy to use cleaner saving you time. Its fast, concentrated solution means that just a small amount will quickly tackle a large area.

With Quickleen-S, value for money is ensured as relatively little amounts of the product are required to achieve the desired results. In addition, Quickleen-S is a multi-purpose all-in-one product. Ideal for restoring shine to stainless steel, it will also remove years of accumulated dirt, tarnish and oxidisation from other metals including brass, copper, silver, aluminium, granite kitchen tops, tiles and ceramics.

it is available in a choice of four different sizes ranging from 500g right up to 10kg, you only need to buy the amount of cleaner you actually need.

Boat Cleaning

Reviewer: Rob from Wellsford, Auckland, New Zealand, May 11, 2015
"Worked like a charm getting ramp scuff marks off my glass boat. Awesome"

Video: see Quickleen-S in action onboard "Reality"

Quickleen-S cleans your entire boat and is non-toxic

But its not just great for your boat, it's just as effective for oven cleaning, hob cleaning, bathroom cleaning (glass, tiles, ceramics & stainless steel cleaning), kitchen cleaning, BBQ cleaning, copper cleaning, just about any hard surface that needs cleaning.