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Quickleen-S cleans all surfaces in your home

Hob & Granite Cleaning

Video: Hob & Granite cleaning with Quickleen-S

Non toxic Quickleen-S cleans your Hob, Granite & Splashback

Hob Cleaning

Quickleen-S is formulated to be equally as effective on stainless steel hobs as on ceramic/glass hobs. The secret is in its high wetting action that quickly penetrates fats, grease and dirt and the silica's ability to absorb the lifted fats and oils.

Quickleen-S effectively remove stains, burns, grease and discolouration marks from different grades of metals including stainless steel, making it the perfect cleaner for your hob.
Applications include stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, tiles and ceramics and almost any other surface or cleaning requirement you can throw at it. A single bucket of Quickleen-S replaces several cleaning products and saves valuable time and money.

Quickleen-S is safe to touch, removes 99.9% of germs, smells fresh and doesn’t require tedious scrubbing. Its high wetting action penetrates fat, grease and dirt and has an amazing capacity to absorb fat and oil rather than trying to convert it to water emulsifiable forms like other products.

Also try Quickleen-S on rust, mould, mildew, tarnish, glass, rubber marks & stainless steel, you'll be amazed.

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