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Home Cleaning
Non-toxic Quickleen-S cleans all surfaces in your home

Quickleen-S is non-toxic

Quickleen-S is a totally different cleaning experience

Quickleen-S cleaning cloth Quickleen-S Stainless Steel Cleaner 500g

Quickleen-S takes a different approach to conventional cleaning products. It loosens grease and grime from the surface allowing the natural silica to immediately absorb it, locking the grease onto the cloth - no more smearing!

The combination of Quickleen's ability to remove hard water salts, scale, rust and general corrosion together with is its ability to absorb and remove fats and grease sets it apart from other products and allows it to tackle the majority of home cleaning jobs.

5g of Quickleen-S (one teaspoon) in a litre of water has the equivalent cleaning power of 'off the shelf' multi-purpose sprays, which is a great way to use Quickleen for washing the floor, windows, counter tops etc. However, using Quickleen-S directly on a damp cloth will deliver the same punch as highly caustic degreasers, metal cleaners & scale removers without the toxic downside.
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Quickleen-S is extremely versatile and is just as effective for ovens, hobs, glass, tiles, ceramics, stainless steel, boats, BBQs, basically just about any hard surface that needs cleaning.

kitchen cleaning

Pan half cleaned with Quickleen-S

Pots & Pans

Stainless Steel, copper, brass, cast iron & aluminium cookware and bakeware can all be safely cleaned with Quickleen-S.
Quickleen-S efficiently removes biofilms that harbour germs and allergy causing pathogens.

Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning

Video: Stainless steel sink cleaning with Quickleen-S

Non Toxic Quickleen-S cleans your sink squeaky clean

When I run my hand over my stainless steel kitchen sink I can feel the remnants of the days grime clinging to the sides, bottom and around the plug. To get it feeling hygienic and fresh again, a light sprinkle of Quickleen-S and a wipe down with a soft damp cloth does the trick. The subtle 'fresh sea air' fragrance of Quickleen-S, together with it's 'no nonsense' approach to grease, grime and "germ harbouring" biofilms leaves the sink feeling squeaky clean, not to mention shiny and fresh.

Although Quickleen-S is perfect for everyday cleaning, it has the added bonus of removing rust flecks, watermarks, limescale and soap scum so using it regularly keeps your stainless steel sink in top condition. The more you use Quickleen-S, the easier it is to clean.

bathroom cleaning

No one likes cleaning the bathroom, but here's something to make the job simpler and more effective.
Quickleen-S loves every surface in your bathroom so you can use one cleaner for the entire area.

Shower Cleaning

Quickleen-S removes red mould

Our shower is relatively new (2 years old) and it's looking fairly good with regards to mildew, limescale and soap scum, however, I had been noticing that there were watermarks building up on the stainless steel fittings. I tried a few different stainless steel cleaners but was unable to get the fittings back to new.

Quickleen-S removes watermarks from stainless steel

It was around this time that we were looking for a new opportunity and the chance to import Quickleen into NZ from Australia popped up.

Armed with our Quickleen-S sample, we decided to tackle the shower fittings. Within seconds, were convinced that Quickleen-S was indeed an exceptional product and the rest is history as they say.