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"Quickleen is non-toxic but very powerful and versatile. It's one of my favourites"
Stephanie Zia - UK Guardian Cleaning Expert

Oven Cleaning
Fresh clean grease-free oven with non-toxic Quickleen-S

Quickleen-S is non-toxic

No Fumes Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning with Quickleen-s

Quickleen-S is NON-TOXIC, degreases, removes rust and shines all in one easy 'wipe on, wipe off' action. The powerful grease detaching formula lifts grime from the surface allowing the natural silica to absorb it and deposit it on the cloth. one product to clean your entire oven both inside and out

It removes baked on food, grease and grime from your oven, leaving it grease-free, shiny and streak free (including the oven glass). The powerful Quickleen-S formula is easily applied with a damp cloth to the oven walls, bottom and racks, gently lifting away stubborn grease and grime and locking it directly on the cloth, preventing grease smeering.
Quickleen-S is also excellent on Cookware and Bakeware, removing suborn stains and grime.

  • Lifts & absorbs grease & grime
  • The natural mildly abrasive silica scrubs through build up without scratching
  • Can be used before or after cooking without nasty chemical smells
  • Removes all biofilms providing a healthier cooking surface free of germs & allergy causing pathogens

Oven Glass Cleaning with Quickleen-S

The combination of Quickleen's ability to remove hard water salts, scale, rust and general corrosion together with is its ability to absorb and remove fats and grease sets it apart from other products and allows just one product it to tackle your entire oven.

An effective, quick & convenient way to clean your oven anytime.

Quickleen-S is not just great for your oven but is just as effective for BBQ cleaning, hob cleaning, bathroom cleaning (glass, tiles, ceramics & stainless steel cleaning), kitchen cleaning, boat cleaning, basically just about any hard surface that needs cleaning.

Oven Cleaning with Quickleen-S
"When I saw this come up for review I was so curious seeing that it was used for commercial kitchen cleaning and that it was non caustic I was intrigued to see what it could do around my house.
I have a love hate relationship with cleaning I love to have a clean house but I hate using cleaning products that dry and burn my skin or cause me a headache with their toxic fumes so I have a few select products that I use that have passed the test in terms of my bodily reactions.

I read the instructions on the bottle and was amazed that it said it could clean ovens. This is my most hated job as the caustic oven cleaning formula's give me the worst headaches so if this stuff could clean my oven I was going to be impressed. I had my doubt my oven hadn't been cleaned in a long while as I had been putting it off and there was a lot of stuck and burnt on grease and food.

I applied the powder with a wet cloth as directed and then scrubbed with a scouring pad.

The result was amazing it did take a bit of elbow grease in places where the burnt on spots had blackened but with a bit of hard scrubbing these too did come off leaving a pretty clean over. There were some spots that didn't come off altogether but all in all I was very impressed with how well this cleaned my oven.

The best thing about it was once I rinsed the oven clean to remove and powder residue I could also use the oven shortly after without it smelling of chemicals and tainting the food like caustic oven cleaners seem too.

 And better yet I did not have a headache from the fumes I will definitely be using this to clean the oven next time."
Independent Review by Samantha of Tauranga, 29 Nov 2014

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See Quickleen-S in Action

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Quickleen-S cleans your oven without fumes and is non-toxic