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Quickleen-R cleans rangehood filters

Quickleen-R Rangehood Filter Cleaner

Quickleen-R is a Filter and Rangehood Cleaner that cleans exhaust filters quickly and easily. It is an alkaline based detergent for the removal of heavy grease build-up and is specifically designed to be safe on aluminium, stainless steel and cast iron surfaces.

It is suitable for commercial and domestic application. Many hospitality business owners have no option but to get "the filter man" - but now filters can be cleaned on-site and within 10 minutes. Your filters won't suffer damage and can be cleaned when required, whilst saving money. Greasy trays and oven racks can all be cleaned with Quickleen-R too.

Simply add a few tablespoons with hot water into a sink, dip in the dirtiest filters for up to 5 minutes. Move the filters around letting the hot water move through the filter for best results. Pull the filters out and rinse. Filters will be thoroughly cleaned right through - not missing a spot thanks to our unique complete submerging process.

As an added bonus Quickleen-R is stronger than many drain products so your sink gets a free wash out at the same time.

Quickleen-R is recommended by iLVE (global manufacturer of gas & electrical household cooking appliances), click here to view their cleaning manual