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"Thank you for a great product, have only used on the shower base but intend to use on the glass today. no effort to use. will get a 1kg pot next buy. ngaire."
Ngaire Kemp, Napier - 10 January 2016

"We have just started to use this cleaner in our production kitchen at work and also in our home. Amazing! Brilliant for kitchen stove tops, sinks, glass tops, chrome taps and more. Great for bathrooms too. Nice to know it is non toxic. Can only recommend. Thank you"
Stephan Baumberger, Levin - 7 January 2016

"Great product and easy to order."
Sue Jones, Culverden, North Canterbury - 4 January 2016

"Awesome product! Great for cleaning marks off the walls when mixed with water in a spray bottle. Excellent for cleaning glass cooktop - very easy compared to other products I've used. Works well on stainless steel barbecue and removing rust marks."
Anonymous, Picton - 22 November 2015

Quickleen-S cleans rust on stainless steel on a boat
"Tried Quickleen on my stainless barbecue which had rust marks etc it is like brand new now so I would highly recommend this product."
Stuart Halley, Hamilton - 29 November 2015

"This product is nothing short of amazing. I've used it on the stainless steel sinks in my yacht that were heavily stained and they came up like new! I tried it on some marks on the fibreglass with the same result. I have now taken most of my old cleaning products off the boat and replaced them with Quickleen. Many thanks."
Mark Peryman, Auckland - 22 November 2015

"Perfectly worked as advertised, definitely gonna buy again, thanks!"
Hao Wu, Auckland - 22 November 2015 Quickleen-S is non-toxic

"Great company to deal with. Everything was easy and delivery was very prompt with goods arriving by courier as promised. Have just started using the product and so far it is performing well...will know more as we use it for more and more uses when other chemicals run out."
Steve McAlister, Alpine View Motel, Te Anau, Southland - 16 November 2015

"This is a great product. My barbecue looks great and all marks and rust were removed easily from the barbecue."
Anonymous, Picton, Marlborough - 4 November 2015

"Quickleen, is a a great product. Tackles the tough marks and reduces the need for elbow grease. It gets surfaces clean and shiny. Great for pots and pans, stainless steel, glass etc. Also can remove residue, such as glue, it really is an amazing product, smells nice, and is safe and non toxic. Have been using for about a year now."
Pearl of the Bay Motel - 2 November 2015

"I have stainless steel outdoor furniture that had rust coloured marks all over it. I had tried removing the marks as recommended to me with a plastic scotchbrite and warm water with dishwashing liquid. This didn't help so I googled and thought I'd try Quickleen. This product worked amazingly. It took all the marks off with minimal effort. I did not expect Quickleen to be as good as they say but it is. I am ordering more."
Trish Stevenson, Opunake, Taranaki - November 2015

"Used this product on the Stainless steel fittings in our aquatic centre bathrooms with great results"
David Folley, Ashburton - October 2015

"Excellent product, just ordered more supply, recommending it to others."
Collingwood Park Motel - 10 August 2015

Quickleen-S cleaning cloth Quickleen-S Stainless Steel Cleaner 500g
"Since I have started using quickleen it has meant I have stopped using most of my other cleaning products ... It is the best cleaner I have used and have trialled it on lots of different things eg showers, bathrooms, kitchens, whiteware, stainless, Ovens, tiles, windows, mildew, mould, marks on paintwork, stickers on windows when doing builders cleans, grout, ....
I would recommend this to everyone as a great alternative as it is really the only thing you need in your cleaning kit Buy and you won't be disappointed."
Sparkle Clean, Matakana - 26 August 2015

"I got a sample of this product to try and it is amazing. My microwave looks like new and so does the glass on my oven top. I've just cleaned all my saucepans and they are gleaming. Will definitely be buying more!"
J Morris, Manley, Auckland - 10 August 2015

Pan half cleaned with Quickleen-S
"I just got the sample of the Quickleen-S stainless steel cleaner as I was a bit skeptical that it would work on my electric hob, as I'd tried Jif and plenty of elbow grease and the water marks and stains wouldn't budge. I tried a tiny bit of the Quickleen and some parts immediately were cleaned, and other parts needed a bit of elbow grease for a minute but it got the whole thing clean. I was considering throwing out the hob as it looked so bad, now it's almost as good as new. Very impressed. Will recommend to all my friends. Also tried it on my kettle, and no scrubbing required, wiped it over and it looked great."
Anonymous, Wellington - 23 June 2015

"Great product, would highly recommend. Versatile and product does what it says."
Sue Hodges, Katikati, Bay of Plenty 13- June 2015

"Thank you so much for your e-mail, very impressed with the results in our showers (only 2 years old new house) - we continually since the house was built get pink scum which maybe from a shampoo that is being used. Your product has made a huge difference infact there is no scum apparent at the moment. Thank you so much"
Suzanne Shaw, Katikati, New Plymouth 8 June 2015

"I purchased the sample product to try on my stainless kitchen sink. No matter how many supermarket products I purchased nothing removed the stains/build up. This product worked immediately. I was so pleased I purchased further product. I have also recommended to family who have also made purchases. I would highly recommend you try this versatile product."
Sue Hodges, Katikati, Bay of Plenty - 6 June 2015

"I have used this product on my yacht, home & carpet and it proved to be better than any other products I have tried. Have recommended it to others already and boat owners in the Tairua marina want me to show them how good this product is. The 500g pack will last a long time as only a little removes a lot."
Dennis, Tairua, Waikato - 23 May 2015

"Very happy with this product, cleans many things and makes cleaning much easier."
Anonymous, Wanaka - 22 May 2015

"Shaker is easy to use for general cleaning. Love the Quickleen - tried it on the stainless steel on the gas hob - worked a treat. Also had a very quick go on the oven's glass door. Needed to use some elbow grease, but certainly effective."
Elaine, Auckland - 18 May 2015

"Cleaning my pots has never been so easy! This product is wonderful."
Anonymous, Auckland- 12 May 2015

"worked like a charm getting ramp scuff marks off my glass boat. Awesome"
Rob Hall - 11 May 2015