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"I recently cleaned a stainless steel stove hood with a general spray cleaner & it removed the lacquer & left an uneven smeared finish.
Tried Quickleen-S and it worked well and the hood is back to its original condition.” - Brian of Auckland, 19 March 2015

Stainless Steel Cleaning
Non-toxic Quickleen-S brings stainless steel back to life

Quickleen-S is non-toxic

Quickleen-S is a totally different cleaning experience

Quickleen-S removes rust from stainless steel Boat light fittings

The ease and speed of Quickleen's advanced technology Stainless Steel Cleaner makes it the cleaning product of choice for every household, chef, cleaning company etc... every time.

Compared to many other types of stainless steel cleaner or metal cleaners available, Quickleen-S offers a whole array of features and benefits. It has received an independent review rating as being the most convenient, effective, easy-to-use, non-odourous, cost-effective and non-toxic cleaning product on the market today. Most importantly, Quickleen-S is safe to use and highly effective. Quickleen-S removes rust and watermarks from stainless steel, leaving behind a protective anti-corrosion layer, reducing future cleaning and making it easier.

This product is more powerful than caustic soda yet it is harmless and contains no phosphorous. It requires no gloves, is safe to touch and gives off no fumes.

Quickleen-S is many times more powerful than other well-known metal cleaners, yet it is harmless and surprisingly contains no phosphorous, requires no gloves, is safe to touch & gives off no noxious fumes.
Quickleen-S removes Limescale on stainless steel shower fittings

Stainless Steel Cooker

The wipe-on, wipe-off formula means that Quickleen-S is also an extremely easy to use cleaner saving you time. Its fast, concentrated solution means that just a small amount will quickly tackle a large area. As it is super-fine, Quickleen-S is suitable for use on most stainless steel items. Keeping in mind that silica has a rating of 7 on Mohs hardness scale and stainless steel has a hardness of between 5 and 8.5 so care must be taken not to rub too hard or the silica may leave very fine scratches on some grades of stainless steel. It is best practice to test on an area that will not be visible.

The hardness of stainless steel depends on the amount of chromium used in making it, the more chromium added to the stainless steel the more stain resistant the stainless steel becomes. When cleaning brushed stainless steel one should always rub in the same direction as the brushed finish.

Watermarks on stainless steel shower fittings

With Quickleen-S, value for money is ensured as relatively little amounts of the product are required to achieve the desired results. In addition, Quickleen-S is a multi-purpose all-in-one product. Ideal for restoring shine to stainless steel, it will also remove years of accumulated dirt, tarnish and oxidisation from other metals including brass, copper, silver, aluminium, granite kitchen tops, tiles and ceramics.

Instead of having to buy a separate cleaner for your stainless steel pans and other household metal items, Quickleen-S will do it all! And, because it is available in a choice of four different sizes ranging from 500g right up to 10kg, you only need to buy the amount of cleaner you actually need.

See Quickleen-S cleaning stainless steel in action

Video: Stainless Steel cleaning with Quickleen-S

Quickleen-S cleans stainless steel leaving a protective anti-corrosion layer behind

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