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Quickleen-S is non-toxic

BBQ cleaning

by Aaron of Hamilton

Review Score: 10 out of 10

Review Date: 1 December 2014

Quickleen-S clean BBQ

Check the image to see the results. They speak for themselves really. I did baulk a little at the price at first but then I realised just how far this item goes. It is like buying razors they are a bit hard on the pocket at first but end up being a dollar a week investment - nothing really in the long run.

Because of the longevity of this product in and around the house you will be most likely just using this. Forget the jif for the bathroom, the windex for the windows, the ajax for the oven hob or the bleach for the bathroom. you can just use this one product.

I found it to be extremely low mess and easy to use.

I have had a bbq for a couple of years but never cleaned it. In the past I have had to use foaming cleaners that you hose off which is messy. With Quickleen-S I only needed two rags. One damp one to apply the product and once worked in, a clean one to wipe off. It works just like polishing your car.

This product is also non toxic, uses no harsh phosphorus, is biodegradable and very easy to use. I will be recommending this to family also and letting them see how great this product is.