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Quickleen-S is non-toxic

oven rack cleaning

by Raywen of Hamilton

Review Score: 9.75 out of 10

Review Date: 3 December 2014

Quickleen-S cleans oven racks

I was lucky enough to get some Quickleen to try out and I was keen to tackle a few tough jobs around the house. The first thing I loved about this cleaner was that it can clean pretty much anything. I didn't have to worry about whether it could do this surface, but ruin the next surface - I just cleaned everything! 

I also loved that it is non toxic and non caustic. And it really was - no horrible smells, no headaches and no skin reactions which can happen with my sensitive skin. I've never felt so clear headed after cleaning the oven! For my big-ask task, I decided to tackle the oven racks - I'm pretty sure these have never been cleaned and they had a thin layer of baked on grime covering them! First I tried wiping them over with a damp cloth and the grime stayed put. Then I added small sprinklings of powder (and I mean really small sprinklings as this stuff goes a long way!) and with very little effort I was surprised to see the racks come up sparkling new - hopefully the photo shows clearly the half I've cleaned and the half I haven't cleaned. As I got towards the middle, the grime got a bit tougher but I really honestly didn't expect them to come as clean as they did. I didn't realise they could sparkle! 

The only slight negative is that the powder tended to stick in the holes, but every now and then I just banged the bottom of the container against the bench and it cleared the holes. It was great that I didn't accidentally pour too much out though, so I'm not really complaining. 

This stuff is expensive... but it will go a long way so compares very favourably to other cleaners as long as you are prepared for the initial outlay. And it really does work - yes I was sceptical, but it's now my new favourite cleaning product!