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Quickleen-S is non-toxic

stainless steel tray & BBQ cleaning

by Karl of Hamilton

Review Score: 10 out of 10

Review Date: 29 November 2014

Quickleen-S cleans greasy bakeware

After a rather botched attempt to make pinwheel scrolls - where I forgot to lay in some tinfoil to line the drip tray of my benchtop oven - I ended up with a very unpleasant job. Despite much scrubbing with the green scrubbers (I destroyed two of them to no noticeable effect on the tray) I turned to the Quickleen-S.

The instructions call for a damp cloth, a little powder, and a lot of scrubbing. -urg- Sounds too much like hard work for me... so I popped the lid, sprinkled a generous amount on the tray, and started scrubbing. BIG MISTAKE! It turned into a very opaque layer that, while undoubtedly effective, stopped me from seeing what I was doing. OK, you win, back to following the instructions.

Rinse, and start again using far less.

This was indeed the right approach, as I was able to see exactly what I was doing, and where. And though it didn't budge the really deeply burnt-on stuff (the black bits in the photo) it did a great job of removing the burnt grease and oil that nothing else non-toxic I had would budge.

I have also used this on the BBQ to clean the grill - a piece of kit that nothing else will clean with any great effect. It's done an utterly brilliant job and I can not praise it too highly!

 overall, while it sounds expensive, it's not. You use such a small amount at a time, you'll soon see that it is cheaper than using all the other, more caustic and toxic cleaning products out there.

While there are other products as effective, I wouldn't feel comfortable using the dishes/pots/whatever for food preparation afterwards, and all of the food-safe products I have tried can't match the sheer cleaning power of Quickleen-S.

It is available in smaller containers, and I suggest trying one of them if you are unsure. Once you have used it, you'll know why the bigger packs are worth getting. My only small critique is that the stuff does tend to clump a little and clog the shaker ports. I just took the lid off and put some in an old jam jar lid when I used it.