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Frequently Asked Questions

Boat light fittings cleaned with Quickleen-S

Do I have to mix Quickleen-S with water?

No, Quickleen-S can be used directly on the soiled area just by dipping a damp cloth into the product and applying it where required. Using Quickleen-S directly offers eleven times more cleaning power than caustic soda, but is completely non-toxic and safe to touch. A mixture of 2 teaspoons of Quickleen-S with 1 litre of water has the same cleaning power as 'off the shelf' multi-purpose sprays.

Will Quickleen-S degrade if I dip a damp cloth into it?

Dipping a damp cloth directly into the Quickleen-S bucket has no effect on the product and in no way degrades that remaining in the bucket. The inert nature of Quickleen-S also ensures that the product can be left unopened without degradation.

Why is Quickleen-S different?

The combination of Quickleen's ability to remove hard water salts, scale, rust and general corrosion while also having the ability to absorb and remove fats and grease sets it apart from other products and allowing a single product to tackle the majority of cleaning jobs.